Our Purpose

Since 2010 we have been delivering world-class, globally recognized Innovative Tailored survival Solutions to prepare our customers and their families well today for the challenges that tomorrow will present.  We maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We are committed to our customer relationships and offer our employees a great place to work by maintaining an environment of trustworthiness and respect.


The ZIL Mission

Our mission at ZIL  is to provide our customers, in any part of the world with dependable, robust, reliable emergency survival solutions. Our commitment is to build trusting sustainable relationships with our customers through our operational excellence. Our full array of products and services will strengthen the position of your organization in the marketplace by keeping your critical needs taken care in the greatest time of need.


Our Culture

We embrace Character & Accountability as “doing the right things dependably, day after day, in our activities and relationships in order to fulfill the goals and mission of the organization. Character is the accumulation of your thoughts, habits and priorities.” Our Core Values are the Character that govern our daily operational execution.


Our Core Values

Integrity: Be who you are and live up to your commitments.

  We are stronger as a high functioning team.

We are committed to doing the right things, the right way, the right time, consistently.

  We believe in the obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one's actions.

We embrace self-discipline that lends itself to team discipline. We maintain the highest standards of respect and care for our teammates, valued business partners and the community.

United States Distribution


P.O. Box 2

Huntsville, UT 84317


Africa Distribution



Africa Humanitarian


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